The Catalyst That Ignited a Passion
for Health & Healing

For years, Dr. Group, DC
studied many different fields of
alternative health
and wellness.

Global Healing —
A Natural Health Revolution

Back in 1998, hardly anyone was focusing on the root cause of disease or offering plant-based solutions. Even fewer were providing quality health information or products on the emerging “world wide web.” Dr. Group, DC saw an opportunity to do things differently.

He drew upon his diverse medical knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to create Global Healing, a different kind of health and wellness company — one that focuses on changing lives by empowering individuals to live healthy!

It all began in a 200-square-foot office with one man’s revolutionary vision, two employees, and the support of a dedicated circle of family and friends. Twenty years later, Global Healing has grown to become an industry leader in natural and organic health, connecting millions of like-minded individuals looking to naturally improve their health and change their lives for the better.

Going Global

Every month, Global Healing helps more than three million people around the world by providing scientifically-backed health information and herbal supplements that go far beyond organic. As a result, millions of people have been empowered to take control of their health and make lasting changes to their bodies and minds.

While much has changed since the inception of Global Healing, the commitment to put its customers’ health first remains the same. Since the beginning, Dr. Group, DC has pushed for innovation at every step of the process. This has lead to industry-shifting standards in how herbal supplements are created.

Advancing New Health Technologies