Dr. Group, DC's

Approach to Health

Reducing Your Exposure to Toxins, Cleansing Your Body & Thinking Positively Are Essential to Your Health and Well-Being

A Message From Dr. Group, DC

The unfortunate truth about modern medicine is that it’s highly focused on treating the symptoms of disease without addressing the root cause. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others by finding and fixing the root cause of poor health. I am on a never-ending mission to find new and better ways to accomplish that goal. It’s who I am, it’s my drive, and it’s why I get out of bed in the morning.

Lifestyle & Diet

Dr. Group, DC has researched nutrition for 25 years, and he’s tried many diets, including raw vegan, gluten-free, fruitarian, and water-fasting. While he’s concluded that there is no perfect diet that works for everyone, he believes in practicing the 90-10 rule. Ninety percent of the time, he follows a plant-based diet. The other 10 percent of the time, he’ll consume raw goat or sheep cheese, but never meat or eggs. He also does several fasts a year to repair his body.

Dr. Group, DC's Favorite Supplements

Supplements are crucial for supporting your overall health. However, your body can build a tolerance to any supplement, so Dr. Group, DC uses them in rotation. To give his body a break, he refrains from taking them on Sundays.

He frequently uses B12 Tri-Blend™, Detoxadine®, intraMAX® 2.0, and Cell Fuzion™. These formulas are great for giving him energy and supporting his overall health. If his body feels stressed, then he likes to take Tulsi extract, Organic Hemp Extract, or Valerian extract. He recommends sticking to natural, organic supplements for the best nutritional support and bioavailability.

As we live our lives, we pick up many toxins from the environment. You can reduce your exposure to these agents, but it’s nearly impossible to avoid them altogether. To keep his body clean and unencumbered, he performs several liver, colon, and kidney cleanses each year.

Finally, while it’s important to take care of your physical body, don’t neglect your mind. We all have stressors in our life, and it’s important to find a healthy way to deal with them. Dr. Group, DC manages stress through daily meditation. It’s a powerful way to soothe the mind and promote healing from within. He’s personally experienced more benefits to his body, mind, and soul from meditation than from any other therapy or activity.

A Day In The Life Of Dr. Group, DC

Typically, Dr. Group, DC wakes up at 4:30 a.m. because he loves getting an early start to his day. Without a doubt, the first thing he does is meditate for at least an hour to clear his mind and mentally organize his day. He eats breakfast around 6 a.m., then heads to the gym for a cardio workout followed by weight training. Depending on his travel schedule, he heads into the office around 8:30 a.m. and meets with his team to go over high-priority projects and make sure they’re on track to meet the company goals. His workday will vary — sometimes he records videos for his YouTube channel or for Facebook. Other days, he is in meetings.

It’s important for him to have an efficient workday because he believes in a healthy work-life balance. His evenings are reserved for spending time with his wife and sons. After a family dinner, he likes to wind down with a good book and goes to bed around 9:30 p.m.