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Explore The Healing Matrix, And More!

Explore The Healing Matrix, And More!
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Upcoming Events

Superhuman Brain Masterclass

Eliminate the Root Cause of Brain Dysfunction | Apr 13-19, 2020
The world’s top neuroscientists, brain researchers, doctors and biohackers have gathered to provide you with proven solutions to heal and upgrade your brain to “high performance” for life!

Leaky Brain Summit

Detoxing the Gut to Restore Brain Health & Eliminate Brain Fog | Jun 29 — Jul 5, 2020
“Leaky Brain” (a breach of the blood-brain barrier) contributes to and causes many issues associated with mental health disorders and neurodegenerative disease. In this summit, attendees will learn how they can address their symptoms, identify and eliminate the underlying causes, and help their brains and bodies heal to restore optimal function.

Gut & Microbiome Rescue Summit

The Healing Power of a 6-Day Gut Cleanse | Sept 7 - 13, 2020
This all-new summit will feature more than 40 speakers delivering powerful information about gut health, the microbiome, and more.

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My Stem Cell Journey

Thailand is at the forefront of Stem Cell Therapy research. Join Dr. Group as he journeys to Thailand to learn from and receive stem cell treatments FIRSTHAND from leading experts in the field.

Supplements Revealed!

Discover shocking facts about supplements (good and bad) that are being kept hidden from you by Big Pharma, Big Medicine, and even by the supplement industry itself – straight from the world’s leading experts on supplements!

GMOs Revealed!

Global leaders in the fields of medicine, law, agriculture, and politics share their unique expertise as they describe the complex relationship between bacteria, soil, and your body in this 9-part documentary series.

The Truth About Cancer Presents: Eastern Medicine, Journey Through Asia

We went to Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and finally India... and as we journeyed from country to country, we interviewed 68 of the top experts (doctors, scientists, and researchers) and uncovered how they treat and beat cancer.