Products I Love

There are two things that never cease to amaze me. The first is the strength, resolve, and resiliency of the human body. I’ve personally witnessed people who were on the brink of death use natural therapies that not only helped them make a complete recovery, but also go on to be more happy and healthy than they were before. The second is the way in which so many plants, herbs, and other gifts from the earth can help us bring us to our best states of physical and mental health. With this in mind, I’m always trying different natural health products in search of the ones that are the best and most beneficial. I look for safe, effective, and natural ingredients from trustworthy companies who take great care and pride in providing the best of what the earth has to offer. Below are a few of my favorites that I use regularly.

  • Selenium

    Fight the free radicals! Selenium is an essential trace mineral that supports a healthy body in many ways. It’s critical for the thyroid gland, supports the […]